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Franklin AI software from entigenlogic

We live in an information age.

Productivity is no longer limited by access to data,

but rather the ability to discover relevant knowledge.

This is what Franklin does.




Business woman sitting front laptop computer with financial graphs and statistics on monit

Keyword or Boolean search finds documents based on statistical analysis.

Keyword 1

& / or

Keyword 2

Results are based on simple search.

What We Do
Franklin AI software from entigenlogic

Only Franklin discovers knowledge based on all of the following:

Conceptual True Meaning of Words





Results are prioritized based on relevance.

Franklin AI software from entigenlogic

Why is Franklin a superior
Knowledge Discovery Approach?

Accuracy and Precision that yield
ROC Scores regularly exceeding

Why We're Different
Franklin AI software from entigenlogic

The entigenlogic® Difference

Conceptual Understanding

Franklin, our AI Software, for the first time allows computers to understand unstructured text.

True Meanings

entigens® are our ‘fundamental structures of language’ that enable computers to integrate knowledge with a set of logically connected facts, much as humans do.

This 4-minute video explains entigens® in more detail.

Knowledge by Connecting True Meanings

We have developed a mathematical model of language that connects information via our unique logic rules and set theory math.

Best in Class

Accuracy that regularly exceeds 90%
True Meanings

We achieve these results due to our innovative technology protected by:

34 issued patents

21 pending patents

116 inventions filed with secured first-to-file dates

 We currently own ~60% of the visible patents awarded and pending for

AI + The True Meaning of Text

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Knowledge isn't Power
unless you can find it.

Save Time and Money

Franklin AI software from entigenlogic

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