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Who We Are

entigenlogic® is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company based in Schaumburg, Illinois, and founded in 2017.

We are a team of data scientists, mathematicians, and software developers focused on improving Natural Language Processing (NLP) to the point of Natural Language Understanding.

What We Do

Our software, Franklin™, unlike current NLP solutions, does not rely on statistical analysis. Franklin™ converts words into entigens®, connects them via our patented logic rules and set theory like math, and understands the concepts that words convey. Computers can then integrate knowledge with a set of logically connected facts, much as humans do. With Franklin™, relevant knowledge is precise, scored, and ranked. 

Our unique Natural Language Process (NLP) approach provides a high level of accuracy and allows users to search unstructured text in multiple formats. Our customers find relevant content that is “conceptually similar” rather than “keyword similar.” This crucial difference provides substantial benefits such as:

  • Finding relevant documents without expensive Machine Learning (ML) data labeling, training or modeling

  • Scoring and ranking documents to provide users a more precise way to compare documents by providing a metric that determines their conceptual similarity

  • Highlighting the relevant information in each document

  • Significantly reducing irrelevant results with our Conceptual Search ability

  • Generating relevant and actionable results quickly

  • Accuracy that regularly exceeds 90%

Why We Do It

Its simple. We believe that Knowledge Representation is key to overcoming the challenge of fully exploiting AI and, more specifically, it is one of the key factors necessary for truly understanding language.

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