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Franklin AI software from entigenlogic

Franklin™ Solutions

Our core solutions address multiple business and research challenges that are driven by a need for capturing knowledge in the easiest and most accurate way possible. No complicated and expensive machine learning models and applications requiring significant resource investments, time and people. entigenlogic provides services, platform, and data-driven product solutions.

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Enterprise Search

Discover. Knowledge isn't power unless you can find it. Enterprises can capture their own knowledge in a way that provides easy and accurate retrieval. Eliminate current technology’s drawback of users being dependent on knowledge that they have tediously and expensively acquired and curated but is not well-structured for easy and accurate retrieval.


Text Analytics for Research

Learn. A range of analytic capabilities are available for researchers and data scientists to leverage, including concept-based topic detection,  and integrating ontological frameworks and taxonomies. Franklin™ handles unstructured text found in the most common file formats with extensions such as docx, pdf, txt, html, and xml, and is OCR capable. We're ready to support your research - be it medical, scientific, engineering, legal, and more.

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Content Moderation

Protect. Proactively and transparently screen user-generated content (UGC) posted to Internet sites, social media, email and other online outlets and detect hate speech with machines that understand the meaning of text. Leverage our unique hybrid approach that meets the challenges of today's content moderation, without investing in costly Machine Learning (ML) models. 


Virtual Assistants

Understand. Improve the accuracy of Virtual Assistants by augmenting knowledge with Franklin. Reduce model training and data preparation, automate human review and reward systems for training models, and assist with ambiguous prompts. Franklin can support Generative AI solutions.

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Patent Analysis

Explore. Patent matching using document similarity that is concept based. No need for long, complicated keyword search strings or investing in complex machine learning models. Pick a patent or technology description and find all the relevant patents. Or show that there aren’t any relevant patents, with confidence. Captured in a report and delivered at the frequency you need it.

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